Definition and aim of cookies.

What are cookies? A Cookie is a file that your computer downloads in order to access our website. Cookies allow us to store and recover information about your browsing habits and depending on the ways used, they may be used to recognise a user.

What kinds of cookies do we use?

- Own cookies. We directly send them to your computer from our website.

-Third party cookies. Those sent to your computer from a domain or a website not managed by us.

-Session cookies. Those that collect information and data only while accessing our web.

-Persistent cookies. A type of cookie in which the data collected will be stored within the terminal and may be accessed during a set period of time, which may be from a few minutes to a few years.

Cookies admin

You may allow, block or delete the cookies installed in your computer by configuring the settings in your computer browser.

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Partner companies

Service providers with whom we have established a contract for any services in which cookies are necessary:

The application we use in order to obtain ad analyse the browsing information: Google Analytics:

This application has been developed with Google and helps us to analyse our website audience. With this info, we may improve our own services or offer our services to other companies. You may find out about these other uses in the links provided.

This tool does not collate users’ names and surnames or postal addresses from where they are connected from. The data collected refers to the number of visits to the page, the language, social networking sites in which they share our news, the city assigned to their IP address, the number of users that visit our website, the frequency and repetition of these visits, the time spent during the visit, the browser used, the service provider and type of connection used for the visit.


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